Sebastien Guitar playing


At the age of 3 Sebastien received early musical education. When he was 6 years old the way was paved with classical guitar lessons. Sebastien was lectured by different teachers and renowned professors in styles ranging from jazz to rock the subsequent years. His first band experiences and appearances followed in his teenage years. During this time he joined his first rock and metal bands, where he first discovered and attended to virtuous techniques of e-guitar playing. He was also able to gain initial experience as a guitar teacher himself.

Shows with various cover livebands followed both nationally and internationally along with performing in many different bands where he participated in writing own songs as well.

Ever since 1998 he worked as a studio guitarist/guitarist for recording studios which was followed by his participation in various productions for film, radio/broadcasting and television/tv. Through many years of practice and gaining valuable experiences he was able to win prizes and workshops. Newspapers and magazines often title him an exceptionald guitarist and up- and-coming talent. Furthermore he earned the privilege of being a product endorser and thereby proved his knowledge and abilities on several ocassions such as workshops and music fairs.

After completing his diploma in guitar studies obtaining an honors degree in rock/pop/jazz instrumental music at the university of munich and cologne in 2006 he appeared on tour with various international stars, released a number of CDs and guitar videos, worked on his new textbook, held workshops and played at music fairs.

Since then he keeps working as a studio and session guitarist, teacher, producer and composer!